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Tschiffely's Ride

First published by Heinemann in 1933 with the title From Southern Cross to Pole Star, this book was the most popular equestrian travel title of the twentieth century, and inspired more people to get in the saddle than any other. 

The time was 1925. The place, Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Standing on the threshold of equestrian travel history was a young Swiss Long Rider named Aimé Tschiffely. Next to him were his two faithful Criollo horses, Mancha and Gato. Their collective goal was to ride more than ten thousand miles from Buenos Aires to New York. No one had ever attempted such a journey. Everyone thought Tschiffely was mad.

During the course of their travels Tschiffely, Mancha and Gato crossed deadly deserts, passed through jungles, traversed sky-high mountain passes - and rode on. They were assailed by vampire bats, mistaken for gods and navigated the Panama Canal - but rode on.  Nothing stopped them.  No one since has rivalled their accomplishments.

The dedication reads: "This book is dedicated to all lovers of the horse and the wide open spaces;  And to many friends of whatever race, nationality or creed - who did their utmost to make rough places smooth."

Buy The Long Riders' Guild edition of Tschiffely's Ride at Barnes and Noble or

Two new print editions of Tschiffely's Ride have been authorised.  Skyhorse (left) has published it in the USA, and Head of Zeus has a new edition being published in the UK on 8 May 2014.  As can be seen, both editions have the authorised cover image.  Click on image at left to buy a copy of the Skyhorse edition, or on the image at right to pre-order a copy from Head of Zeus in London.

The first translation of Tschiffely's Ride into Italian is now available.  It has been published by Equitare, and was translated by Vittorio Ferro.

The Long Riders' Guild is planning to republish the French, Finnish and Polish editions.

First 1933 edition, with a Preface by Robert Cunninghame Graham, who was instrumental in getting the book published!  Click here for more information.

A German translation was published in 1933



A French translation was published in Brussels, Belgium, in 1948


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A Finnish translation was published in Helsinki in 1953


The Long Riders' Guild edition, with a foreword by Jean, Lady Polwarth

The Long Riders' Guild edition in German

1952 paperback edition - this actual book was owned by Long Rider Jeremy James, who read it in his childhood!

A Polish translation was published in Warsaw, date unknown.
These maps were taken from the first edition of Tschiffely's Ride.


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