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Violeta Tschiffely




This portrait of Violeta was painted by Wyndham Lewis.

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Violeta Hume married Aimé Tschiffely on 21st December 1933, as reported in The New York Times the following day.  "R. B. Cunninghame Graham, writer on South American subjects, was among the witnesses at the ceremony."  As Tschiffely writes in his excellent autobiography, Bohemia Junction, it was "Don Roberto" who introduced them!  "One day, at a party, Cunninghame Graham introduced me to Violet Hume, who had been a friend of his for some years.  Born in Buenos Aires, of Scottish-French parents, she is a talented musician and linguist who, under the stage name of Violet Marquesita, played the part of Lucy Lockit to Sir Nigel Playfair's original production of the Beggar's Opera, and later, ever since the early days of broadcasting from Savoy Hill, she has taken part in many broadcasts, both in English and Spanish."

And here is an undated letter to an unknown newspaper where the writer takes issue with a critic who had apparently been less than kind about that very Beggar's Opera.

And here is a press-cutting from the magazine The Queen about a concert given in 1940.  "Only three guest artists were included in the programme, which was otherwise confined to local talent.  One of the three was Mrs. A. F. Tschiffely, wife of the celebrated rider-author.  ... All who enjoyed Sir Nigel Playfair's production of The Beggar's Opera (and who did not?) will remember her as the most adorable Lucy in the history of John Gay's masterpiece."

This is a page from the Radio Times dated August 20, 1943.  "Violeta Tschiffely (pronounced Chiffayly) who acts as a guide in Sunday's 'Armchair Traveller' programme on the Argetine is a dark, wry-witted lady who was once on the state - 'and once was more than enough' - and who is married to that famous Swiss schoolmaster, Aimé Felix Tschiffely, who, on the alternate backs of his two horses Mancha and Gato, once rode 10,000 miles from Buenos Aires to Washington and wrote a most diverting book about it.  A broadcast about the 'ride' was given in 1936.  Writing recently to his wife from the Argentine where he is at present working for the British Council, Tschiffely says that the other day he called upon his horses who were very much alive at the respective ages of thirty-five and thirty-three."

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