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Articles by and about Tschiffely

There were many articles by and about Aimé Tschiffely, and here are a few examples in chronological order.  Click on any newspaper clipping to read the story.

6,000 miles on horseback

May, 1927

Horseman on Record Trip

October 1927

Ten Thousand Miles a Horse

October 1927

The Argentine association of Criollo horse breeders issues an annual magazine. The 1928 edition carried a special article about Tschiffely’s journey from Buenos Aires to New York. This article contains images not presented in any other publication. Included in the story are photos of the special Argentine facón (dagger) presented to Tschiffely at the conclusion of the celebrated ride.  Click on image to read the entire article.

Tschiffely's own account of his journey was published in 1929.  Clicking on the image on the left will take you to a page with more information.
Homeric Exploit in the Saddle

April 1933

Ten-Thousand Mile Ride Recounted in Book.

April 1933


Please click here to read an article in Time magazine published in 1933.
Ten Thousand Miles Ahorse, Buenos Aires to Washington - a review of Tschiffely's Ride.

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