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The Breyer Toy Company has created special models of Mancha and Gato.


To celebrate the memory of these equine heroes, the Breyer company has worked with the Tschiffely Literary Estate to create special commemorative models of Mancha and Gato.


“After hearing the amazing story of Aimé Tschiffely and the faithful Mancha and Gato we knew we had to make them into Breyer models! How could we not honour such an amazing feat?” said Rowena Reid, a company official.


The unveiling of the two models will take place at the Breyer Fest. An estimated 10,000 people are expected to attend the event being held July 22 – 24 at the International Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.


As a mark of their historical importance, the company has announced that the number of models of Mancha and Gato will be strictly limited.


The Breyer Company website published two stories (dated May 17 and 18) about the exceptional Long Rider models.


Tschiffely and his horses' legacy continues today: the Argentinean Congress passed a law in 1999 declaring September 20th of each year as ‘Día Nacional Del Caballo' (National Day of the Horse), as this was the date Aimé arrived in New York in 1928. The book Tschiffely's Ride has sold more copies than any other equestrian travel tale in history and has inspired five generations to get in the saddle and head for the horizon.

The Argentine association of Criollo horse’s breeders issues an annual magazine. The 1928 edition carried a special article about Tschiffely’s journey from Buenos Aires to New York. This article contains images not presented in any other publication. Included in the story are photos of the special Argentine facón (dagger) presented to Tschiffely at the conclusion of the celebrated ride.  Click on image to read the article.

“Tschiffely’s Ride” now released in Polish


Wyprawa Tschiffely'ego - relacja z konnej podróży, którą autor w towarzystwie dwóch wierzchowców odbył w latach dwudziestych XX wieku przez oba amerykańskie kontynenty - od Buenos Aires do Waszyngtonu DC - od ponad 70 lat zaliczana jest do żelaznej klasyki podróżniczej. Niezwykły wyczyn Tschiffely'ego nawet dziś zostałby uznany za imponujący i od kilku dekad inspiruje kolejne pokolenia podróżników, próbujących dokonać czegoś równie wielkiego

An important discovery has been made about Tschiffely’s 1935 ride across Britain. While attending a charity sale in Australia, Jo Stewart discovered an inscribed copy of Bridle Paths. She was initially excited to discover that it was inscribed by the Long Rider author to the lady who loaned him Violet, the mare he rode from the south of England to Scotland.  There were also many photographs.  Read more....


Long Rider Legend

A noteworthy magazine in Argentina has included Swiss Long Rider Aimé Tschiffely in a series of articles about the greatest travellers of all time. In the August issue of the monthly travel magazine, Lugares, Tschiffely appeared alongside James Cook, Amelia Earhart, Alexander von Humboldt, David Livingstone, Sir Richard Burton, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Bruce Chatwin, Roald Amundsen and Historical Long Rider Charles Darwin. A special painting by Argentine artist Diego Tripodi illustrated the article.

Two new print editions of Tschiffely's Ride have been authorised.  Skyhorse (left) has published it in the USA, and Head of Zeus has a new edition published in the UK   As can be seen, both editions have the authorised cover image.  Click on image at left to buy a copy of the Skyhorse edition, or on the image at right to order a copy from Head of Zeus in London. It is the finest edition we have ever seen!

Superb review of "Southern Cross to Pole Star - Tschiffely's Ride" by Aimé Tschiffely

One of London's most respected publications, The Spectator, has just released an extensive review of the new English edition which Basha O'Reilly recently authorized.  "A horse ride from Buenos Aires to New York? No problem! If you can brave bandits, disease and revolution in search of ‘variety’, you might be a doublehard bastard."  Read more....

According to numerous stories in the British and European press, it is alleged that a few in the endurance racing world routinely bribe vets, trainers, even other competitors.  This scandal has taken on global implications and has outraged the majority of the horse world.  On 13 February 2014 Aimé Tschiffely was unexpectedly held up as an example of how wrong these unethical people are!

A company called Bohemia Junction Limited was started in London, UK in 2012 "as a meeting place for creatives in music, film & the arts inspired by the 1950 auto biography Bohemia Junction by renowned novelist & Long Rider Aimé Felix Tschiffely."

In late 2013 the Long Riders' Guild discovered that a famous Canadian cowboy song-writer named Corb Lund had written and recorded a song about Aimé Tschiffely. Here are the lyrics:

The Only Long Rider I Know


He might have needed a longer look

He might have read old Tschiffely's book

The truth will come with ten thousand miles in the saddle


He's seen a few good years

Between Criollo ears

And all he knows is the trail goes on and on


He's the only one I know

Pure as the driven yayo

Drifting past the ghosts of Mancha and Gato


He's stacked a few good hopes

From the Andean eastern slopes

And all he knows is the trail goes on and on


And he's the only long rider I know

And he's the only long rider I know


I'd kinda like to take his place

Issuing a long-reined equine grace

Saddle tramping the world on the wind like a stranger


He's shed a few good tears

Between Criollo ears

And all he knows is the trail goes on and on


And he's the only long rider I know

And he's the only long rider I know


I think I seen him in the second row

At some forgotten UK show

And God knows that's a long long way from the saddle


The whispering that he hears

Between Criollo ears

And all he knows is the tale goes on and on

It goes on and on


And he's the only long rider I know

He's the only long rider I know

Yeah he's the only long rider I know

He's the only long rider I know


The Aimé Tschiffely Memorial Ride took place on 5th July 2013. 

And a representative of the Japanese Long Riders, Satoe Matsui, has already visited Aimé's birthplace of Zofingen. Pictured right are Swiss Long Rider Peter van der Gugten, Satoe and her daughter.

July 2013 - the ride has taken place and was a huge success! Click on picture to read a PDF article.

The first translation of Tschiffely's Ride into Italian is now available.  It has been published by Equitare, and was translated by Vittorio Ferro.

The Tschiffely Literary Estate is negotiating with publishers in New York and London who are planning to publish editions of Tschiffely's Ride in their respective countries.  So we hope to be seeing copies of this important book in bookshops!


We have a copy of Aimé's journal regarding his equestrian journey around Ireland with a pony and trap. Unfortunately his travels were cut short when the Second World War broke out in September 1939.

And also thanks to Oscar Solanet, we have a copy of the letter Aimé wrote to his father to enquire about using Criollo horses for his journey. Interestingly, when he wrote the letter in November 1924 he had a slightly different itinerary in mind.

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