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The Tale of Two Horses

The Tale of Two Horses tells the story of the journey from Buenos Aires to Washington DC from the point of view of the horses!  With a preface by famed horseman R. B. Cunningham Graham, "The Tale of Two Horses" is amply illustrated with drawings by Kurt Wiese, the famous illustrator of children's books.   The illustrator for the Spanish-language edition was Manuel Ugarte.

 No equestrian travel collection could be considered complete without this wonderful book!  First published in 1934, this book, as can be seen by the images below, went through several editions in English and was translated into Spanish, German and Swedish.  The Long Riders' Guild will shortly be republishing the Swedish and German translations of this delightful book, Två Hästar and Zwei Pferde auf Großer Fahrt

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First published by William Heinemann Limited in 1934.

Copy signed by Tschiffely for Robert Cunninghame Graham
A German translation Zwei Pferde auf Großer Fahrt, was published by Montana-Verlag A.-G. in 1935.
Spanish translation, Mancha y Gato, published by Emec'e in 1944

Swedish translation, Två Hästar published by Lindquists Förlag in 1954

The Long Riders' Guild Press edition published in 2001.

The Long Riders' Guild Press edition published in 2004


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